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It’s now six months later, and Enoch — as CEO of that secret organization — must join with Phoebe, Dee and the rest of the crew to face some disturbing developments. Such as a virus designed to lower human intelligence; tracking down and finding two new possibly (probably) dangerous, electromagnetic entities (eemees) who entered our world through hi-tech pentacle portals; figure out who hacked into the NSA; and stop whomever (whoever) is responsible for manipulating electromagnetic waves and spreading absolute freaking chaos throughout the digital world.

Geez, and Enoch thought all he had to worry about was getting married... Key-Wrap!

Join in the adventure of Exophobic: Making Waves

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Usually on a Friday night, blogger Enoch Maarduk would be out with his buddies... But on the one night he decides to stay home, his life changes forever: A representative, Phoebe... — from a shadowy organization called PHANTASM — shows up at Enoch`s door with an offer and a mission.

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Lieutenant Tyler Whitfield has seen it all.

At least, he used to think that way.

The latest case to hit his desk is a bit, well, peculiar:

Murder, mystery, the occult, and twisted human nature.

It`s not just another day at the office...